Thomson Reutres: Thinking Small in a Really Big Market

Thomson Reuters (TR) is a large, diverse information company, who worked with Jeff for many years. See Tom Glocer, the then CEO of TR explain why he chose to work with Jeff and use the Competing Values Framework in his leadership.

Using Jeff’s innovation principles, TR created innovative products such as Reuters Market Light, which is a result of a great observation on how the information market can work in India. When TR wanted to enter India, it realized that most people and small businesses could not afford its products. But instead of creating a brand new product with a small budget, it started to experiments with smaller parts of its current products to see how TR can really add value to the farmers and small businesses. After many experimentations, Reuters Market Light was born. It sent text to farmers over the cellular network containing the information they need to sell and bargain for their products, which included prices of the specific commodities they were interested in, the weather condition useful to make farming decisions and planning, and advice or best practices, for a fee that the vast majority of farmers and small businesses could afford.