The Creative Mindset

The Creative Mindset

Mastering the Six Skills
That Empower Innovation

It’s time to rethink the way we make innovation happen. Innovation doesn’t come from an algorithm; it comes from the personal creativity of individuals. And creativity is not a gift for the chosen few—it is a process that can be learned.

Jeff and Staney DeGraff, two master innovators who have taught and worked with over half of all Fortune 500 companies, introduce six essential creative-thinking skills: Clarify, Replicate, Elaborate, Associate, Translate, and Evaluate, or CREATE. Sequenced as steps, these skills simplify and summarize the most important research on creative thinking and draw on over thirty years of real-world application in some of the most innovative organizations in the world.

Individual creativity is an immense untapped resource that is available to all of us. As the spirit of chef Gusteau proclaims in the Pixar classic Ratatouille, “Anyone can cook.”


The DeGraffs have successfully transformed a complicated concept of creativity into a series of practical, easy to understand but very effective techniques to enhance our thinking and ability. They are truly leaders and mentors in the field of creativity and innovation.

John Evans

the Charles D. Miller Endowed Chair, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Auburn University

Finally, a book that maps out the practical side of creativity and makes it doable for anyone! The specific skills and relevant examples provided in this book will enhance creativity in your professional and personal lives. Thus, this is the must-read book if you are thinking about innovating some aspect of your work or life.

Lynn Perry Wooten

President, Simmons University

We can all use a bit more creativity in our lives! Jeff and Staney DeGraff have made it easy for anyone—in any organization of any size—to take their free-thinking up a few levels. In this concise and creatively put together volume they share dozens of down to earth, easy to implement, ways to enhance our creative energy.

Ari Weinzweig

Co-founder, Zingerman’s Community of Businesses

I love that Jeff and Staney emphasize that small acts of creativity can have huge consequences and that ordinary people can do extraordinary things if they can see the opportunities in front of them. It’s inspiring and practical.

Mitch Jacobson

Executive Director, Austin Technology Incubator and Blackstone LaunchPad, The University of Texas at Austin

Jeff and Staney DeGraff have written a book that will be the foundation for the prosperity of our country over the next 100 years…In the end, teaching our people the habit of creativity will change the world for the better.

Steve Kwast

United States Air Force Lieutenant General (Retired)

In this era of AI and increasing automation, creativity is what sets us apart. Jeff and Staney DeGraff show us how to master the creative mindset with practical processes and new ways of thinking that we can all adopt and implement in our work.

Tan Le

Founder of EMOTIV

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