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New Interview: Interview in Maeil Business Newspaper

Jeff with the Maeil Business Newspaper about innovation recently.

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New Podcast: Entreprenuer Podcast Network

Listen to Jeff’s new interview on Entrepreneur Podcast Network!

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New Jeff-ism Video: Jeff-ism Video: How to Play the Innovation Game

The latest Jeff-ism video is here! Watch Jeff explain how to play the innovation game.

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Jeff's Blog Update

Efficiency Can Kill You

Often, I’ve noticed, when I talk to someone about the need to innovate, that person will respond by telling me how much he or she is doing already.   These days we make productivity something like a religion.  We believe that if we are productive enough, organized enough, task-focused enough, Read more »

Cultivating Innovation to Stand Out: Jeff DeGraff with Innovation Instigator, Stephen Shapiro

It is important to find value in being different. In this episode, I interview Stephen Shapiro, innovation instigator, business consultant, Hall of Fame speaker and author of Best Practices Are Stupid.  Together, we discuss how innovation can help people stand out. According to Shapiro, it is key to find out what makes you unique. Read more »

The Secret to Innovation? Ride What Moves

Successful innovation requires us to notice what is moving and growing around us, and to find ways to harness its energy to get us where we want to go.  Newton’s First Law states that an object in motion tends to stay in motion, while an object at rest tends to Read more »

The Cavalry Isn’t Coming – Why You Should Take Your Destiny Into Your Own Hands

I fly a hundred thousand miles or more each year, and usually when I get off my plane I’m met by the driver of a black car. I’ve probably talked with hundreds of drivers doing the same job, chauffeuring people like me around and hustling for tips. In St. Louis, Read more »

How to Foster Innovation: Jeff DeGraff with Social Change Strategist, Jonah Sachs

Office Hours with Jeff DeGraff is a video series where the Dean of Innovation interviews thought leaders on the broad subject of innovation. These thought leaders come from various background but all share insight from their personal and professional experience that can be adapted to foster innovation either in a business Read more »

Latest Work

Jeff spoke with the InterContinental Hotel Group this week about innovation.

Jeff is running an innovation workshop at Laurentian Bank this week.

Jeff is at KPMG this week running a Shared Vision Workshop to help them establish lasting innovation.

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