The very word ‘innovation’ lends itself to an element of uncertainty. For this reason a tool to help predict the changing tides of innovative practices would be extremely helpful in deciding what moves to make as a business or organization. Jeff DeGraff and Anjan Thakor have done extensive research and analysis to create the Competing Values Innovation Index. This index has the ability to quantify financial return and the value of innovation for any respective company or organization.


Competing Values Innovation Index Analysis

The true innovator has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening now even as he has his eyes on the future. The CV Innovation Index is a statistical analysis and measurement that offers you this unique power: the ability to understand the present as a way of accurately predicting and preparing for the future.

Developed and perfected by world-renowned business school professors, the Competing Values Innovation Index stands out from other indicators of industry growth. Unlike other innovation indexes that are based on vague, often subjective standards, the CV Innovation Index rigorously analyzes real financial data. Grounded in theory and practice, the Competing Values Index recognizes that there are different kinds of innovation and takes into account the complex interaction between these kinds of innovation. We understand that innovation in manufacturing is different from innovation in biotech firms. These are precisely the subtleties and nuances in innovation that other indexes do not recognize.

Management Tool

The data from the CV Innovation Index analysis will help you understand your firm by showing you the relationship between organizational practices and financial returns. We will assign concrete numbers to various aspects of your firm’s culture. In this way, you can predict how specific changes in your organization’s behavior and management will affect your fiscal performance.

Investment Tool

The CV Innovation Index becomes not only a tool for organizational competitive strategy but also a tool for financial investment. The analysis results show the relationship between stock market returns and the index variables. In this way, the index is predictive: you can measure the value of future returns and use that information to make accurate investment decisions.

Index Top 100 vs. S&P Top 500: Based on Market Cap and Price Return