What the Innovatrium Is

 The Innovatrium (Innovation + Atrium) is an idea laboratory, an innovation institute, and a community of innovators. The Innovatrium is WHERE IDEAS GROW: where we help our clients to germinate and refine their ideas, develop their innovation skills, and convert those ideas into real products or service.

What We Do

We help complex, process-driven companies develop their own innovation growth engines, enabling them to work with speed, flexibility, and creativity. Awaken dormant innovation.

How We Can Help

We help you create a roadmap to your future, build momentum around innovation, and develop innovators within your organization. The Innovation Playbook confronts the incumbent’s dilemma.


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Who We Are

Our collaborative team of master innovators at the Innovatrium is led by Jeff DeGraff, one of the world’s leading innovation experts.

We recognize that your organization has the ability to solve its own problems. We do not solve your organization’s problems for you; we coach your organization to develop its own capabilities. Playing this way, your organization creates its own organic growth engine.


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