Making Stone Soup

Innovation happens at the edges of disciplines – Jeff

This is a one day ideation workshop intended to finding potential solutions by bringing various constituents together. This powerful day teaches participants to find growth opportunities that are breakthrough, creative, and practical (doable) at the same time. The key to this innovative session is to gain perspectives from various constituents, both internal and external to your organization, and work to combine and develop a truly powerful and innovative ideas.

View this video where Jeff led a Making Stone Soup session for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO). DSO, like other cultural organizations, is facing a shift in their economic model. The current traditional patrons are getting older in age and smaller in population size. The younger generations do not consume music the way traditional patrons do and many do not see the value of institutions like DSO. Therefore, DSO needs to attract and make itself more relevant to a new generation of patrons. So Jeff brought together experts, symphony lovers, and University of Michigan students, alumni, and faculty for a one day ideation session in the Innovatrium, Jeff’s idea lab in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The result was a fun, energetic, productive, and very creative day filled with potential solutions that are practical and WOW!



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