Creativity Genome

Fun but practical and effective, the Creativity Genome program is intended to unleash your creativity and to enhance your leadership skills. The most difficult but valuable trait in a successful leader is a combination of creativity of mind and the ability to execute. This program is intended to develop both components. Your creative ability gives you a competitive advantage by seeing market opportunities where others cannot, developing competitive strategy,  and creating a unique innovation playbook that works for you. But this program does not just stop at getting you to be more creative. It’s power is in the pragmatic approach and application in normal business operations. This program will not teach you to become a better artist. But it will teach you to become a better innovation leader.

IIMG_2791 (1280x874)n this program, you will learn the following things and more:

  1. Creativity methods and tools  and how to use them appropriately
  2. Translating ideas into commercialized products
  3. Developing and refining product development and innovation processes
  4. How to identify your innovation needs
  5. Recruiting the right innovative people into your team or organization
  6. Managing your portfolio and picking the winning ideas
  7. Measuring innovation
  8. Finding the right partner
  9. Creating innovation spaces in your organization

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