Executive Services

It’s a simple but powerful truth: in order to achieve change, we need to surround ourselves with the people and resources that will help us grow. Think of innovation as a playbook and Jeff DeGraff as the coach who will move you forward to sustainable growth. As an innovation coach, Jeff—internationally renowned Dean of Innovation and professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan—will partner with you as you navigate your way to change. Jeff will not only help you tackle your current challenges—he will also reinvent the way you think about innovation more broadly.

A seasoned consultant to multi-national Fortune 500 companies, Jeff has studied and practiced innovation at both the group and individual levels. With this diverse expertise, Jeff offers three kinds of coaching services: Executive Coaching, Innovation Project Coaching, and Personal Development Coaching.


As a trusted advisor to senior executives, Jeff finds the right strategies in dealing with an organization’s political complexities. As an innovation-project coach, Jeff assists team leaders in moving specific projects forward, jumpstarting immediate and long-term change. For those seeking more personal change, Jeff will guide individuals in building a concrete innovation plan based on a four-step program.

Jeff will customize his frameworks to accommodate the everyday reality of your organization or your life. In addition to his coaching services, Jeff offers an executive retreat program—specialized one- or two-day workshops that guide the leaders of your organization through the Competing Values Framework as you address the pressing challenges and problems of your firm. You will evaluate your current strategy and plan for future growth.

If you are interested in signing up for executive coaching with Jeff or to have Jeff be a part of your executive meeting, contact us today!