In some practical ways our world is still illuminated by the Scottish Enlightenment that brought us such goodies as electromagnetism, capitalism and single malt whisky. The modern incarnation of Caledonian resourcefulness and skepticism may well be that inventive investigator, Angus MacGyver, and those purveyors of spontaneous hamburgery, McDonald’s. Each represents an important mindset required to make innovation happen. Yet, when sequenced in the wrong order they bring about the chaos of rule breakers and the oppression of rule makers. (more…)

Well it’s that time of year again. College graduation season is upon us and a temporary feeling of joy and optimism abounds as it should. As for Mom and Dad relief may be a more apt description – there were days they had serious questions about your commitment to the project but now thankfully they can turn their attentions to that little matter of rehabilitating whatever is left of their retirement savings. (more…)

Pull out the list of the “most innovative companies” from your favorite business magazine. With the exception of their brand recognition, which is the entry fee for these beauty pageants, they have few innovation practices in common that would distinguish them from the rest of the rabble, whether it’s unique strategies, unusual financing, or novel ways of hiring and staffing.

The fact is that one size never fits all. What makes innovation companies unique is, well, unique. They are highly adapted for their specific situation. (more…)