Have you ever watched one of those television programs about how aliens have been visiting earth and gumming up the works with their weird science since time time immemorial? It starts out with a legitimate and intriguing premise such as why the Sphinx is really thousands of years older than its tremendous neighbor the Great Pyramid of Giza. A reputable Indiana Jones personality explains these discrepancies between Egyptologists and geologists with the cool and detached logic of a county coroner — you had me at carbon dating. (more…)

Recently I spoke to a conference of leading business school deans about the prospects of the MBA degree. My speech was entitled The Future has Come and Gone and You’ve Missed It. Admittedly this was a pathetic attempt to play the rebellious provocateur to what I occasionally imagine to be a well connected secret society, intriguing cabal or at least the staid establishment – “Smithers, come here.” Other than my obvious hypocrisy, I do teach at a top business school and I am of sufficient age and circumstance to be deemed the Man that is holding you down, my best intention was to awaken the intelligentsia and disrupt this universal order before it was too late – the revolution will be podcast. (more…)

ladder to the cloud

When did ambition become a bad thing? If you just read the comments under your favorite blogs and columns you would think we’ve become a nation of naysayers, slackers and reactionaries with a poor command of the language save expletives – “Life is unfair and you suck.” Apparently there is always someone to blame – the Banks, the Congress, the Media Elite or [your favorite villain goes here]. I guess the idea of being free and responsible to create your own good fortune is an idea better left to bygone days. So why bring it up now? Because normally, around this time of year it’s customary to concoct some aspirational goals that you hope will inspire you throughout the New Year – lose weight, write that novel or just stop yelling at the kids so much. It’s a resolution because you are declaring your intent to be resolute, stick with it and prevail through the course of obstacles that divide you from your ambition – half-witted coworkers, unforeseen expenses, chocolate éclairs and the like. Your resolutions bring a sense of destiny to your life.