Six presidential campaigns later, I’ve still got Bill Clinton’s iconic 1992 slogan running through my head: It’s the economy, stupid. But it’s not the economy that I’m thinking about–it’s corporate relocation that’s on my mind. What was so effective about Clinton’s irresistible one-liner is the way it redirected American attention. He not-so-politely told us that, when it came to diagnosing national unrest, we were getting it wrong.

Similarly, the press is missing the real issue when it comes to corporate relocations. Recent articles in The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal highlight the stories of businesses moving headquarters domestically and internationally for tax concerns. While it’s certainly true that some companies are abandoning their states and the U.S. altogether to dodge taxes, the media is overstating the importance of these fiscally-motivated moves. (more…)

The biggest myth about innovation is that it is done only by geniuses who work alone. The truth is that innovation happens when ordinary people learn to work together. The key is to find individuals who don’t think like you, who can fill in your blind spots and make up for your weaknesses.

In order to encourage effective collaboration within your organization, you need to find people who are good talent-scouts. These are the teachers, coaches, and connectors in your world–the people who have a natural eye for talent, who have the skill of finding and nurturing creativity. They know who needs to sit next to whom when it comes to building effective teams. (more…)