Marketing for religious and cultural events can sometimes be very tricky. Businesses have to be sure to stay on the right side of a very fine line which can make it hard in preparing for the holiday season. Many religious holidays specifically have been commercialized making marketing very easy for businesses. Two major examples include Christmas and Easter. Guys like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are not found anywhere in the Bible. There are definitely cultural stories dating back centuries that these fictional characters were derived from but the holidays as we know them today are rarely associated with religion any more, especially when it comes to holiday marketing. (more…)

With each TV commercial I watch, I wonder if I’m the target market. Am I the type of person the business intended to see the ad? When I see things like men’s deodorant or baby diapers I think maybe they got it wrong but then I picture all the other types of people watching the show I’m watching: a variety of moms and dads, lounging or resting for the evening. So yes, even though the ad did not reach out to me specifically, it did reach its target.

Target marketing is more than just a concept marketers need to understand, target marketing needs to be taken from theory to actual practice. (more…)

Is media attention even helpful anymore? Whether news media on local TV at 5 p.m. or social media flooding in at all hours through Facebook, Twitter and the likes of them, information is quickly spread regarding news and events around the world. Even business reviews get tangled up in the media. We rely on this information to be in the know. We relay this information to our family members by hitting the “like” or “share” or “retweet” buttons on our favorite social networks. We talk about what we heard or read at the dinner table. Like a wildfire in a drought, this information is quickly spread to millions of people around the nation. (more…)