Chances are, innovation doesn’t work where you work — or only works some of the time, mostly in spite of your organization’s system and processes. Why? Because you don’t understand what makes the innovation game so different from everything else you do at work — and you haven’t adjusted your playbook to accommodate these differences. (more…)

Marketing to your target and targeting your market are two very different concepts. Finding a target market is something your business does once it is established and growing. Before getting that far though, your business must know what market or in other terms, what industry you belong in. You need to know who your competitors are and who they are marketing to. You need to know the art of the sale. (more…)


What if you could change your culture? You know, culture, that invisible collection of beliefs and morals made manifest through your use of language, customs and rituals. Your culture informs everything in your life from how you select your spouse to what you believe about God. Anthropologists study it, business school professors proclaim its power, but few understand it, even fewer master it and fewest of all can change it. But what if you really have more than one culture that you could easily change into? Not just the picket fences that divide the various roles you play at work, home or school, but something altogether different. ¬†Think of it like your workout clothes in the duffle bag behind the door at the office that transforms you into a running fool at lunch or after hours. You dress and act differently. Of course you are an amalgam of cultures, a hybrid or mash-up, but you have a dominant culture that you use more often and effectively like your right or left hand.¬† At Christmas, I change from one culture into another and yet another still and back again. I believe many of you do as well and if you are mindful this simple transformation may provide some real insight as to how you can make your life better and new without the pain of denying or abandoning your personal history. (more…)