In his magnum opus Critique of Pure Reason, the philosopher Immanuel Kant builds a bridge between what is known, what is unknown and what is unknowable. Innovation is a demonstration of his philosophy in as much as it is the only value proposition that becomes manifest in the future for which we have no data today. It is a creative venture into the unknown to discover what is knowable and how to us this new knowledge purposefully. (more…)

There is a dark, untold back story of innovation that may disturb you: many of the earliest forms of the world’s biggest technological advancements were pioneered by bad people in morally corrupt contexts. The most radical innovation in video streaming started in the pornography industry. The most sophisticated uses of messaging technologies started with drug traffickers and terrorists. Counterfeiters have pimped digital technologies to such an advanced state that governments are rethinking the use of paper-based currencies. (more…)

DETROIT, JULY 24 – OpenCo, a unique “inside-out” business conference, has selected Detroit as their next global destination for a celebration of open-style business. The event offers networkers, investors, marketers, job seekers and curious neighbors direct access to Detroit’s most innovative companies to hear firsthand how they are changing Detroit and the world. (more…)