A Waldorf Salad Nineteenth Century social innovator, mystic and eclecticist extraordinaire Rudolf Steiner sought to synthesize the entirety of science and spirituality through a new approach he called Anthroposophy. Read More
Deconstruct to Reconstruct No single thing abides; but all things flow. Read More
The Most American Thing In America While perfection is praised in most cultures where the steady hand paints the smooth line and polishes the shinning gear, there are some that value novelty instead. Read More
Customize the Contradictions “Crude classifications and false generalizations are the curse of the organized life.” Read More
The Leading Lady Corazon Aquino’s ascent to the presidency of the Philippines reads like something out of Shakespeare where heroines “have greatness thrust upon ’em.” Read More
Look For the Signs to the On and Off Ramps “We do on stage things that are supposed to happen off. Read More
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Waffle House By Guest Author James Adams As evidenced by the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and European debt debacles, the pervasive sense of economic malaise that began more than three years ago isn’t fading anytime soon.  Read More
It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature Many believe the American Environmental Movement had an unlikely start in 1962 with the publication of The Silent Spring written by a marine biologist named Rachel Carson.  Read More
Think in Terms of Cycles; Not Lines “To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”  Read More
Wrong Way Columbus Most school children know the story of the First Voyage of Christopher Columbus though its interpretation now ranges anywhere from the triumph of the spirit to persevere in the Age of Discovery to some corrupt form of economic plundering in the Age of Imperialism. Read More
Hedge First, Optimize Later   “Truth will sooner come out of error than from confusion.” Read More
A Legacy is More Intimidating than any Opposition In the commercial, a very old man with a menacing stare pulls on a black jersey with a small single silver feather while a young woman sings “Bless ‘em All” the tender hymn of the Allied Forces. Read More