Help! The personal development section of my favorite bookstore is expanding faster than the universe. It is a paradox of nature that at the very instant booksellers are vanishing into the dark abyss of unknowingness that self-help titles and tomes are exploding into a big bang of buzz and blather. I am not without guilt having contributed a couple of volumes to the maelstrom myself. Mea culpa, mea culpa! According to recent statistics self-help now even outsells racy romances and bodacious biographies. Can it be that we are even more interested in ourselves than the plastic surgeries and superficial dalliances of our most infamous celebs? While it is virtuous and laudable to do the inside work required to improve our character and circumstances to do so beyond balance and bounds is to become disinterested in the outside work of the world where innovation happens.


Recently I spoke to a conference of leading business school deans about the prospects of the MBA degree. My speech was entitled The Future has Come and Gone and You’ve Missed It. Admittedly this was a pathetic attempt to play the rebellious provocateur to what I occasionally imagine to be a well connected secret society, intriguing cabal or at least the staid establishment – “Smithers, come here.” Other than my obvious hypocrisy, I do teach at a top business school and I am of sufficient age and circumstance to be deemed the Man that is holding you down, my best intention was to awaken the intelligentsia and disrupt this universal order before it was too late – the revolution will be podcast. (more…)

Some of the most fantastical advancements in modern science and technology are designed to predict weather patterns. Seeing a hurricane gather in plan view on Doppler radar as it creeps towards an indefensible megalopolis or nameless burg is as menacing as any Godzilla versus Rodan smack down. While we may forecast where the wind blows we cannot forestall it. No matter the domain or occupation from farmer to flight attendant the weather largely affects if not determines what we will do where and when. We cannot hope to tame or transcend the weather in our life but we can endeavor to track it. (more…)