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How to Make Time to Work on Your Biggest Ideas [Infographic]

How to Make Time to Work on Your Biggest Ideas [Infographic]

If you feel like you’re overworked, overtired and that no matter how much work you do, nothing really changes, you’re in the same boat as most of the world’s workforce. The activities that will move you or your company forward–and out of just constant execution– are time and labor intensive. You can prioritize these activities all you want, but unless you make time for them, and, by so doing, take time away from something else–it’s a guarantee that you won’t get them done.

For everyone out there who wants to escape this cycle and learn the art of Rebalancing your work, I’ve prepared the below infographic to guide you in taking back your time. Ask yourself, at this moment, do you have the capacity to innovate?

Remember: Innovation is time- and resource-intensive. It requires the capacity to tinker and tune and test until the novel solution presents itself. By Rebalancing, you can get to the new thing you want to do and let go of the old. This action is a key step in moving forward and a prerequisite for effective leadership.

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