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The Enlivened Self: Complete Edition Now Available

The Enlivened Self: Complete Edition Now Available

The Enlivened Self: The Art of Growing offers a new kind of learning experience.

The Enlivened Self is a set of three ebooks that link together to form a coherent whole, these short volumes offer rich philosophical insight in easy-to-digest small bites. Each part invites you to carve out some space in your daily life to consider the art of growing into the creative, collaborative and compelling leader you aspire to be.

In this special omnibus edition, readers can enjoy all three of the ebooks in one seamless presentation.

Packed with deep insight, balanced with practical suggestions, and rich with media, resources, and opportunities to engage, The Enlivened Self is a guidebook for all who want to become the very best version of themselves.

Spend some time with Jeff through this book, even if you can’t take a course at the University of Michigan or crash the board room meeting at Fortune 500 company where he’s consulting. Sweeping in scope but direct in approach, these pages are a view into a creative mind at work, and an invitation to join Jeff in the art of growing.

Engage. Connect. Create.

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