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Bolster Your Ingenuity and Remake Your Life!

“Whether you’re looking to stay competitive professionally, make a career change, or just be inspired to greater personal creativity, this is the book to light the proverbial fire underneath you. It is a pragmatic step-by-step framework for unlocking the unique capacity for growth in each of us.” –TOM GLOCER, CEO, Thomson-Reuters Groups, PLC

Dear friend, relative, or colleague,

This is a big week for me and I hope to get you involved. Today my new book, Innovation You. Four Steps to Becoming New and Improved, published by Random House’s Ballantine Books, is IN STORES!

INNOVATION YOU reveals a unique four-step program to bolster your ingenuity and remake your life. From forging ahead in a new career to losing weight to finally pursuing that long-held dream, my strategies are effective and easy to follow.

Today is opening day at the races and a strong sales start out of the gate is key. I would really appreciate your support by considering purchasing a copy today online or in your local bookstore. Spreading the word via your social networking outlets—Facebook, Twitter, and email—makes a huge difference, too.

It goes without saying that I would appreciate your personal insights and comments on the book, as your opinion is valuable to me. I’d also love to hear what you’ve been up to—please do send an e-mail when you get a chance.

Jeff DeGraff

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