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A Real-World, How-To Playbook of Innovation

Leading Innovation presents a unique, holistic approach to creating innovation at all levels of your organization. Authors Jeff DeGraff and Shawn Quinn have created a real-world, how-to playbook of integrated creativity tools and techniques for understanding where innovation comes from and harnessing its power to create a culture where real growth happens on a constant basis.

Based on Jeff’s proven methods-which he teaches in his innovation program at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and has applied at Fortune 500 companies around the world-this breakthrough guide focuses on systematically integrating business practices and connecting them to the value propositions they produce. You’ll discover how to diagnose obstacles to innovation, realistically assess your options, and develop an integrated program of action that can be adjusted to meet the needs of any group, department, or business unit throughout your organization.


“At Reuters, we have greatly benefited in our return to growth from our work on innovation with Jeff DeGraff. In Leading Innovation, Professor DeGraff captures this process in an engaging and thought provoking manner. This is not a ‘how-to’ book to follow verbatim; this is a pragmatic framework to unlock the unique creativity and capacity for growth in each of us.”

– Tom Glocer, CEO, Reuters Group, PLC

“As an executive tasked with building out new market opportunities for Prudential Retirement, I found Leading Innovation to be an excellent guide for me and my innovation team leaders. It highlights the importance of the human dynamic and takes the concept of innovation to a very useful, practical level. We now have a framework, a common language and some great tools to accelerate our efforts. My copy is ‘dog-eared’ already!”

– Christine Marcks, Senior Vice President, Retirement Services’ Emerging Markets, Prudential

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