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As people we are naturally creatures of habit. Every morning we slip on our daily routine like a coat and begin our day without a second thought. However, complex as human nature is, we also have a natural need to do better, be smarter, look better, and thrive. Innovation You: Four Steps to Becoming New and Improved is the book to help you become your better self, while being nothing like a self help book. Jeff asks that you show; not tell and that you be honest and direct with yourself on your innovation journey. Jeff’s 4 steps are easy to follow and get results.

  • Rethink Innovation: Take small but consistent steps out of your comfort-zone by paying attention to the world around you and “riding what moves.”
  • Rethink Your Approach: Use the Competing Values Framework to identify your natural innovation profile—do you compete, collaborate, create, or control?—and then deliberately draw from the other styles to augment your usual tactics.
  • Rethink Your Methods: Put your reinvention plan in motion—set specific, realistic, and meaningful targets, cultivate relationships with relevant mentors and experts, and try alternate methods to achieve your goals.
  • Rethink the Journey: Understand that innovation is cyclical, not linear and that there will be a margin of uncertainty along your journey. Learn to accept this uncertainty while still being successful by paying attention to areas that you can improve.



“Innovation You is finally a book we all intuitively felt we needed but was missing. For true innovation in our companies, we have to be willing to be innovative in how we approach our personal and professional lives. They are interconnected. Jeff’s book combines his vast experience from the front lines of innovation and the best thinking in the field and gives us a practical guide”

– Atul Dhir MD, Ph.D, CEO of Bipar Sciences (Sanofi Aventis)

“Jeff’s book offered me a fresh perspective on how to make innovation happen inside large organizations.  It is a clear and analytical contribution for people who are interested in establishing a sustainable innovative environment.”

– Joseph Byrum, Vice President of Innovation, Syngenta

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