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For over thirty years Jeff DeGraff, the Dean of Innovation, has been researching, teaching, and advising leaders all over the world on how to effectively lead innovation. Many of his students and clients have gone on to be some of the most successful and celebrated innovators of our time. In the Certified Professional Innovator Workbook, Professor Jeff DeGraff takes his groundbreaking program for developing world class innovation leaders and condenses the key ideas, methods, and best practices for making innovation happen into an easy to use “how-to” do it guide. This workbook is designed to accompany the Certified Professional Innovator Program and help you master each of the key skills necessary to become an effective innovation leader. These tools and techniques already work for tens of thousands of leaders around the world and they will work for you.

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Certified Professional Innovator Program

The Certified Professional Innovator Workbook is a companion piece to the new Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) program offered as a collaboration between Jeff and the University of Michigan College of Engineering and Ross School of Business.

The CPI program is intended for professionals who want to learn to become an innovator. With action learning components, Jeff and his team not just teach the theory of innovation, but also coach participants through real innovation projects. Participants who complete the program successfully will be receive a CPI certification from the University of Michigan College of Engineering or Ross School of Business.

For more information, please visit the CPI page and download the CPI pdf document.