Well it’s that time of year again. College graduation season is upon us and a temporary feeling of joy and optimism abounds as it should. As for Mom and Dad relief may be a more apt description – there were days they had serious questions about your commitment to the project but now thankfully they can turn their attentions to that little matter of rehabilitating whatever is left of their retirement savings. (more…)

Pull out the list of the “most innovative companies” from your favorite business magazine. With the exception of their brand recognition, which is the entry fee for these beauty pageants, they have few innovation practices in common that would distinguish them from the rest of the rabble, whether it’s unique strategies, unusual financing, or novel ways of hiring and staffing.

The fact is that one size never fits all. What makes innovation companies unique is, well, unique. They are highly adapted for their specific situation. (more…)

When you picture your target, what do you aim for? The bullseye? Anywhere on the map? The white rings? The red rings? It’s a lot to think about. You target your product to men or women or young adults or families. You target to a certain race or ethnicity or religion, a specific state or city, maybe region. But is there a target you are missing? Is there a group of people out there that nationwide could benefit from your product and have money to spend but you haven’t made the effort to even market towards them? Yes!

You are missing the target if you forget about this group: seniors. No, not high schoolers, I’m talking about the upper aged, retired grandmas and grandpas. They have worked their entire lives to be at this point, retired and relaxed; done fighting the struggle of debt and ready to live out the rest of their days. Not targeting a full market of individuals is just one of the many marketing missteps businesses make. Don’t make this one of yours. (more…)