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new inc. article: The Best Way to Look for the Next Big Thing

The key idea is not newer but better, cheaper, faster. Here are three places to look for a better line of sight.

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new LinkedIn article: The Future Has Come and Gone: You Just Missed It

The number one form of resistance to innovation is excessive data collection. Our Young are seeking new answers to their questions–not ours.

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new MIchigan Radio, Next Idea, broadcast: Michigan Doesn’t Need Radical Public Transit Overhaul

Could Michigan use the digital highway to overcome the obstacles of MIchigan’s physical highways?

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AGENDA article: World Economic Forum Shares Jeff’s, “The New Rules of Innovation” with 2.37M Twitter Followers

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Jeff's Blog Update


The Future Has Come and Gone: You Just Missed It

The fundamental difference between leading and leading innovation is simply this: there is no data on the future where breakthrough innovation happens. Try guessing what will be the hot consumer electronics item in three years or what miracle medical treatment will emerge in four or what the newest fashion will Read more »


Want Radical Innovation? Here’s Where to Look

Innovation happens behind-the-scenes. It’s often not the faces of a company–the directors and managers–who come up with breakthrough ideas but the individuals working out of public view, in the background. These are the people who can see where the dots connect, who can tell where there are opportunities for change. Read more »


Distinguished Achievement Awards Nomination

Every two years the Thinkers50 (T50) ranks the top 50 thought leaders in management and innovation. Because it relies on community voting, the Thinkers50 is a trusted record of real innovators. The T50 voting takes place on two lists: the Top Management Thinkers and the Distinguished Achievement Award. Your support Read more »


The New Rules of Innovation

Go back to the basics. That is the imperative of radical innovation: take a look at the underlying rules and principles that guide your organization and see what happens when you change them. This often means disrupting and unsettling rules that your company or industry has taken for granted as Read more »


The Inverse Innovation Cycle: How Failure Becomes Success and Success Becomes Failure

There’s something that leaders don’t tell you about success. It occurs in a seemingly inverse order: after failure and then before it. It’s the strange cycle that characterizes all innovation: the failure that comes with experimentation actually teaches us the lessons necessary for success and the success that comes with Read more »

Latest Work


Jeff worked with Leadership at Citrix to recognize, develop and launch creative ideas that become winning solutions.


Jeff will be teaching Executive Education courses to ICBC, the largest bank in China.  ICBC has asked Executive Education to create a six-month learning experience here at Ross for a group of  19 emerging leaders at the bank.


Jeff is working with General Electric and their, Technology Leader Development Course.  Developing great leaders is the way to developing great success.

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