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New The Next Idea: Americans now see the truth as relative. What comes next?

In this Next Idea, Jeff thinks through Allen Bloom’s book The Closing of the American Mind and how it may apply today.

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New The Next Idea: Some games are over after one win or loss. Democracy is not that kind of game.

In this Next Idea Jeff talks about the recent election and the conflict that will continue because of it.

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New The Next Idea: What’s coming next in 2017? Hint: It’s not autonomous vehicles

In this Next Idea, Jeff discusses how autonomous vehicles and ride sharing services will grow in 2017.

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Jeff's Blog Update

Rethinking the Liberal Arts for Business Education: Rise of the ‘Pracademic’

In a world of open access, higher education remains astonishingly, frustratingly closed. Our universities are insurmountable barriers rather than the points of universal entry that they should be. This was the powerful point of a compelling Economist cover story last year, “America’s New Aristocracy.” The essay argues that college in Read more »

Making Innovation Happen in the Most Challenging Situations

Innovation is about making our world better and new. While there are some regions that are dealing with the speed and complexity of hyper-innovation, there are others that are struggling to integrate innovation in the most fundamental forms: clean water, reliable food sources, basic health care and safety from violence. Read more »

Innovating Your Way to a Good Job

If you feel like some people have no problem finding a job-even in the most difficult job markets-you’re not mistaken. These seemingly lucky individuals know something: You don’t get a job by competing in the same game as every other job searcher and applicant-you get it by innovating. Want to Read more »

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Creativity

It’s easier to start from scratch than it is to get out of a creative rut. That’s because we know a lot more about what sparks creativity than we do about what blocks it. The Greeks believed that inspiration came to us through muses who literally visited us. Freud insisted Read more »

It’s the Talent, Stupid

Six presidential campaigns later, I’ve still got Bill Clinton’s iconic 1992 slogan running through my head: It’s the economy, stupid. But it’s not the economy that I’m thinking about–it’s corporate relocation that’s on my mind. What was so effective about Clinton’s irresistible one-liner is the way it redirected American attention. Read more »

Latest Work

Jeff lead an innovation session at the Cincinnati Eye Institute last week.

Jeff visited Adtran to speak about Innovation for the future last week.

Jeff leads another session of the Technology Leaders Development Course for General Electric. The best companies see the benefit of development, training and innovation for all employees.

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