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New Radio Segment: Automotive Innovations

The Next Idea: How can innovation in the automotive industry is boosting and diversifying Michigan’s economy?

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new LinkedIn article: How to See the Future First

Innovations often get stuck in the strategic planning cycle. Do something quickly to create momentum and give your organization a good look at what the next three years might bring.

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new Inc. article: Innovation Hurts: Why Courage Is More Important Than Creativity

It’s harder to stop doing old things than it is to start doing new things. The first step of all innovations is destruction. For this reason, innovation takes something much stronger than creativity; it takes courage.

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New Program: Certified Professional Innovator

In collaboration with the University of Michigan College of Engineering, Jeff is offering a new Certified Professional Innovator program. Participants will receive a certificate from UofM upon satisfactory completion.

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Jeff's Blog Update


How to See the Future First

One of the biggest challenges innovators face is to truly understand the market opportunity space before they start creating a strategy and well in advance of product development. Since we can’t see the future, we need to gain some real insight from deep domain experts and make sense of possible Read more »


How to Develop the Next Generation of Innovators: Stop Treating Everyone the Same Way

You may have never heard of Joseph Schumpeter, an eccentric Austrian economist who taught at Harvard in the 1930s and 40s. But to those of us who study the strategic and financial dynamics of innovation, he is far more influential than his peers John Maynard Keynes or Milton Friedman. Schumpeter Read more »


What Are You Willing to Give Up to Get Innovation?

Most descriptions of innovation end up in overreaching hyperbole: groundbreaking, disruptive, radical. This shouldn’t surprise anyone because innovation is basically a type of positive deviance, a form of useful novelty. What separates a new soft drink that has a hint of cherry flavor from a vaccine that prevents the onset Read more »


The Top Innovations We Should’ve Seen in 2014

With everyone else in the year-end spirit of looking back, I’m ready to look forward. Forget smart watches, 3-D printers, and hoverboards–the year’s most outstanding innovations were the ones we didn’t see. My best-of list is a wish-list. Here’s the top innovations we should’ve seen in 2014. In a perfect world, we’ll see them in Read more »

Image of young businessman showing superhero suit underneath his

How to Lead Innovation like Superheroes: Knowing When Your Strength Becomes a Weakness

Your biggest strength–the quality that makes you stand out from other people–can also be your greatest downfall. We all have an underlying worldview that determines the way we approach all of the challenges we face. Some people are big-picture thinkers. Others fixate on particulars. Some people are pragmatic and by-the-book Read more »

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Jeff gave a keynote speech to the United Soybean Board about bringing innovation to commodities.


What happens if you can sleep on innovation everyday? Jeff worked with Select Comfort in Minneapolis to infuse more innovation in your Sleep Number bed


The creative people at Lee Campbell Ewald had Jeff work with them to strengthen their innovation culture

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