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new Inc. article: Infographis: Recreating Your Company

Why is sustained growth so elusive? And why do some companies seem immune to this sort of cycle?

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new podcast: The Second Stage: Assembling Your Innovation Advisory Board

Listen to The Second Stage interview, when Jeff delves more deeply into his recent Inc. article, Assembling Your Innovation Advisory Board.


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Indie Book: National Indie Excellence Awards Announces 2015 Finalists

Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams, by Jeff DeGraff, is a 2015 National Indie Book Award Finalist.Jeff DeGraff’s Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams is a finalist in the 2015 National Indie Book Awards. Check-out the Business-General category.

Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams is available in a print or an electronic edition at Amazon.com.

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Jeff's Blog Update

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How To Create A Creative Leader

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My Interview With The Second Stage

An important element of a great business many overlook is assembling a diverse advisory board, committed to developing your organization and exchanging knowledge. The right people bring innovative ideas, create opportunities and help a company move forward faster toward its stated objectives (or ones they didn’t even think possible). In Read more »

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The Greatest Innovations Are the Ones You Don’t See

Cool, shiny, sleek: these are the qualities we associate with top-shelf innovations. That’s because we’re constantly confronted with magazine and Internet lists of the most innovative companies that are essentially just beauty contests. At the top of all these shimmering lists are blustery bands and glitzy gadgets and chic designers. Read more »

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The Question Is The Answer

An innovation answer is a seductive illusion. We all want to come up with quick, easy solutions to our complicated problems, but answers don’t actually provide resolution. That’s because, in the world of innovation, there will always be another question–a new urgency or need waiting to be met. Instead of Read more »

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Culture Creates the Economics of Innovation

Independent thinkers have a way of upsetting people. Economics Nobel Laureate Edmund Phelps is a good example. Progressives take issue with his scrupulous analysis of government stimulus spending while conservatives are offended by the way he characterizes their political ethos as having created the corporatist value system. Independent thinkers are Read more »

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Jeff delivered a keynote at the Proud to Manufacture in Michigan 2015 Conference.


Jeff lead the keystone workshop for Nigerian Higher Education professionals at the Center for Leadership.


Jeff lead the FedEx Leadership Team through an innovation training workshop, so they can bring innovation to their Divisions.

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