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New Jeff-ism Video: Jeff-ism: How to Create an Idea Space

The latest Jeff-ism video is here! Watch as Jeff explains how to create an idea space.

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Jeff-ism Video: How to Create an Idea Space

Watch Jeff explain how to create an idea space here.

Is the finite diploma obsolete in our fast-changing world?

Recently, I read a story in the LA Times entitled, “’A sea of despair’: White Americans without college degrees are dying younger.” It was about a Princeton study on mortality rates. Apparently, all ethnic groups are living longer with the exception of white Americans. The researchers suggest that decades of underemployment have Read more »

The internet is a lot less democratic than you think

During the recent Academy Awards broadcast, Samsung aired a commercial for its new phone. Casey Neistat, a YouTube and HBO reality personality, narrates over a montage of young people engaged in feats of derring-do and uninhibited expressions of creativity. He declares that we are the true makers and maestros, and Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg’s visit offers a glimpse into Michigan’s future

Facebook’s 32-year-old billionaire founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has been touring the country. He made stops in Michigan recently. He toured Ford’s Rouge plant and even tried his hand at putting parts on an F-150 pickup truck. Turns out time on the assembly line is hard work. He also privately met with Read more »

Forget net neutrality, regulatory neutrality is what we really need

In the early 1990s, I visited billionaire George Soros’ office in New York City to provide some direction on an investment his firm had made in a technology startup run by senior Israeli Air Force officers. Their technology was something akin to an iPod, and this was almost a decade Read more »

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Jeff worked with KPMG for two days this week to help them create lasting innovation.

Jeff gave a presentation at Innovation Roundtable.

Jeff spoke at Milestone Insurance last week about leading innovation and mastering creativity.

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