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new LinkedIn article: Connecting the Dots of Innovation Through Back-Office Innovators

In large complex horizontally oriented organizations, back-office departments can look across the business to see where the points of contact are between all the parts of the larger company.

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new LinkedIn article: The Inverse Innovation Cycle: Failure Becomes Success and Success Becomes Failure

You can’t innovate if you don’t first deviate.

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New Radio Segment: New Immigrants and Michigan’s Future

America was founded by immigrants. Michigan can do worse than attracting educated, creative, and talented immigrants to improve its economy.

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New Program: Certified Professional Innovator

In collaboration with the University of Michigan College of Engineering, Jeff is offering a new Certified Professional Innovator program. Participants will receive a certificate from UofM upon satisfactory completion.

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Jeff's Blog Update


The Inverse Innovation Cycle: How Failure Becomes Success and Success Becomes Failure

There’s something that leaders don’t tell you about success. It occurs in a seemingly inverse order: after failure and then before it. It’s the strange cycle that characterizes all innovation: the failure that comes with experimentation actually teaches us the lessons necessary for success and the success that comes with Read more »


Innovation Starts in the Belly of the Beast

In the Biblical parable, God commands Jonah to make a journey to a foreign land and preach against the wicked. Instead Jonah sets sail in the opposite direction believing that the unrighteous were unworthy of salvation. The almighty raises a storm and the crew sacrifices Jonah by casting him into Read more »


Critics Make the Best Innovation Evangelists

Smart people can make bad innovators. The brilliant thinkers at the top of their field are often the individuals least willing to take the risks required to implement deep change. Innovation is a highly iterative process based on trial and error. When we’re moving toward the uncertainty of the future, Read more »


Innovation in Higher Education: Here We Go Again

According the Chronicle of Higher Education and National Public Radio, competency based education is the new thing. Actually, it’s the old thing. Vocational education, once the main road to middle class prosperity in America, has returned with a new name and an updated version of the same approach: see one, do one, teach Read more »

Idea And Innovation Concept

Leading Innovation: How to Jumpstart Your Organization’s Growth Engine

Productivity is no longer enough. Today, growth means pushing strategic innovation initiatives across the enterprise – to everyone, everywhere, every day. Join me, Jeff DeGraff, professor of management and organizations at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business as I present a simple approach for leaders to recognize, develop and launch Read more »

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Jeff gave a keynote speech to the United Soybean Board about bringing innovation to commodities.


What happens if you can sleep on innovation everyday? Jeff worked with Select Comfort in Minneapolis to infuse more innovation in your Sleep Number bed


The creative people at Lee Campbell Ewald had Jeff work with them to strengthen their innovation culture

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