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A New Blog Story: Innovation: Making the Unknown Known

Innovators understand that the unknown doesn’t have to remain unknown, but they need to be prudent about which bridges they cross for these will determine where and when they will arrive in the future and if their innovations are timely and valuable.

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A New Blog Story: Innovation Starts in Dark Places

Innovation often happens at the crossroads of extremities and chaos , where there is no direction but up and the risks and rewards lie in high deviance edges. Some of the best innovations in history came from these places; although, not necessarily from good people.

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A New Blog Story: Originality is Not All That Original

Just how original is original? Well actually, it’s not really original at all. What we take to be something altogether new may be more the result of our awareness than our special creative abilities. Artists and creative thinkers have been redoing the new forever: reinventing an old form for a new audience.

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Jeff's Blog Update

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Innovation: Old Crops, New Soil

Did you know that some of the largest chapters of agricultural groups like the Future Farmers of America are in urban centers? This may surprise you: some of the biggest breakthroughs in farming aren’t happening on farms—they’re happening in big cities. The popularity of urban farming—or “vertical farming”—brings new challenges Read more »


Can the “Commies” Innovate?

The headlines about the economic fortunes of the 1% and the associated political maneuvering to influence and manipulate our world view are disturbingly reminiscent of those in the early-twentieth century when mega-corporations called “trusts” ruled the day. This is exactly what French economist Thomas Piketty’s recent wildly best-selling book, Capital Read more »


Innovation: There Is No Final Destination

Innovations don’t stay innovations. There’s that drawer in all of our houses with the electronics, gadgets, and devices that were the it-thing in their own time and now have outgrown their usefulness and creativity. The challenge is not to become innovative but to stayinnovative. How do you stay competitive and drive Read more »

Creative Business Idea

How to Make a Creative Genius

Meet Jack. He knows he will never be a creative genius. He learned that in fifth grade during his weekly trumpet lessons when he sat next to Wynton Marsalis. He learned it again in ninth grade when we played on his junior high basketball with Magic Johnson. He learned it Read more »

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Innovation: Making the Unknown Known

In his magnum opus Critique of Pure Reason, the philosopher Immanuel Kant builds a bridge between what is known, what is unknown and what is unknowable. Innovation is a demonstration of his philosophy in as much as it is the only value proposition that becomes manifest in the future for which Read more »

Latest Work


Jeff will be teaching Executive Education courses to ICBC, the largest bank in China.  ICBC has asked Executive Education to create a six-month learning experience here at Ross for a group of  19 emerging leaders at the bank.


Jeff was a part of the Innovation Forum Panel at this year’s Blue Water Technologies TechExpo 14.  It took place at The Fillmore Detroit, and focused on thought leadership, technology exploration and networking.


We have five graduating Innovatrium Fellows this year. Congratulations, Bill, Wendy, Sabrina, Rohit, and Zach!

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