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New Jeff-ism Video: Jeff-ism Video: See the Future First

The Latest Jeff-ism video is here! Watch Jeff explain how to see the future first.

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New Lifehack Article: Arguments Aren’t Bad for You, If You Know How to Disagree

In this Lifehack article, Jeff talks about arguments and how constructive conflict can lead to new ideas.

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New Jeff-ism Video: Jeff-ism Video: Innovate Your Way to a Good Job

The latest Jeff-ism video is here! Watch Jeff explain how to innovate your way to a good job.

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Jeff's Blog Update

Driving Innovation Through Shared Values

Conflict can be the spark that ignites innovation. There are four different type of innovators, and each brings his or her expertise (but also his or her weaknesses) to the table. Constructive conflict between this four points of view is the key to creating strong and lasting innovations. Today, we’ll Read more »

Conflict Creates Innovation

Conflict Creates Innovation

Conflict doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, conflict is the very force that will bring about the best outcome in almost any given innovation initiative. The only way to create unlikely yet groundbreaking, provocative, and winning solutions is to build a team that doesn’t agree—a team that Read more »

Dwelling in the Conflict

Behind some of the twentieth century’s most iconic love songs is a series of prolonged, tense, irreconcilable conflicts. In the writing room and the recording studio, John Lennon and Paul McCartney were everything their music wasn’t: disharmonious, discordant, hostile. As professional partners, their worldviews couldn’t have been more different. Lennon, Read more »

Jeff-ism Video: See the Future First

Watch Jeff explain how to see the future first here.

Arguments Aren’t Bad for You, If You Know How to Disagree

Conflict is everywhere. On social media and late night television we see never-ending arguments about politics, religion, or generational gaps. What if these disagreements were productive? Conflict is necessary for creativity and development; however, it has to be constructive. America was founded on combining old ways of thinking and producing Read more »

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Jeff spoke about innovation at Duke University this week.

Jeff worked with KPMG for two days this week to help them create lasting innovation.

Jeff gave a presentation at Innovation Roundtable.

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