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new Inc. article: What Will You Give Up to Make Room for Innovation

There will never be enough time to write that novel you’ve been dreaming about or open that business you’ve had in mind for years. That’s why it’s up to you to free up your world and carve out the space for innovation. In order to start something new, you have to stop something old.


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new LinkedIn article: Picture This: Using Visual Aids to Inspire Creativity

Here are three kinds of visual aids to use as inspiration for your next innovation initiative.

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new Next Idea broadcast: With Our Divisions Growing, Michigan Could Use a Common Story

Michigan needs a bigger and better narrative — one that encompasses the amazing diversity of our state and helps us all understand and appreciate how we are interconnected and, more importantly, where we are going together. Let’s learn from the people who have been out there selling our state and follow-up on their suggestions.

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Indie Book: National Indie Excellence Awards Announces 2015 Finalists

Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams, by Jeff DeGraff, is a 2015 National Indie Book Award Finalist.Jeff DeGraff’s Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams is a finalist in the 2015 National Indie Book Awards. Check-out the Business-General category.

Purchase Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams through Amazon.com for a print or electronic edition.  Click the link on the yellow menu of the home page at jeffdegraff.com to get yours.

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Jeff's Blog Update

How to Win the Innovation Race

Innovation is less like a sprint or a marathon than a relay race: a team event where the hand-offs between each phase are the most crucial moments of the competition. Bringing together the fastest people won’t necessarily ensure a first-place finish in the innovation relay. The quickest runner is only Read more »


Picture This: Using Visual Aids to Inspire Creativity

Picture it: this is a phrase that so many creative thinkers use when they’re introducing their new project. The best ideas begin with a compelling image. In a single image lies a larger story, a whole series of suggestions, memories from the past, and gestures toward the future. Visual aids Read more »


From Brand to Brand New: How to Re-Create Your Brand

Back in the day Dodge meant sporty and Chrysler meant sophisticated. Within a decade they both meant little as gas prices rose and tastes changed. Failures, bail outs and “mergers” followed. Just when it looked like the innovative vision Walter Chrysler had reached the end of the road a most Read more »

Think About Business

How to Free Up Your Ability to Think Creatively

The biggest obstacle you face on the path to creativity is yourself. It’s the internal barrier that limits the way all of us think and see the world: our dominant logic. Everyone has a set of tenets or beliefs that determines what we value and what we don’t value. Often Read more »

Investing In Ideas

Open Source Innovation: What’s In and What’s Out

The twenty-first century software industry owes a lot to a certain eighteenth-century inventor. Open source innovation is a phrase we tend to associate with post-millennial creativity, but it’s actually a three-hundred-year-old idea. Benjamin Franklin famously did not patent his lighting rod, his bifocals, his stove, and many other of his Read more »

Latest Work

KPMG logo

KPMG engaged Jeff for to discuss Leading Innovation and disruptive technologies that can harness the growth from innovation.


Jeff and colleagues from the University of Michigan, Ross School of Business ran on-site week-long innovation training program for GE’s Global Supply Chain Management Team in China.

Lenovo logo

Jeff lead the opening event for Lenovo’s Research & Technology Innovation Retreat. The Leadership Team from Beijing convened in Morrisville North Carolina.

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