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A New Blog Story: Complexity First; Simplicity Last

Inventors, entrepreneurs and artists know that innovation is a messy ordeal. A wide array of experiments, prototypes and other forms of proof of concept are needed to find that simple but elegant solution.

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A New Blog Story: The Mongolian Barbeque Effect on Innovation

With so many options and customization to each consumer’s needs, we have begun to experience the endless variations that produce mindless combinations as well as other narcissistic forms of customization, the Mongolian Barbeque Effect.

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A New Blog Story: It’s Time We Invented a Holodeck

The creative and comedic thoughts of Jeff DeGraff are at it again. Read this week’s LinkedIn Influencer’s Article and dream up what your Holodeck might bring.

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Jeff's Blog Update

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Complexity First; Simplicity Last

Simplicity is the new thing. Quality is so over and innovation is fading into everythingness. We’ve all but given up on trust so I guess that just leaves us with getting more by doing less. Wasn’t that your New Year’s resolution? Find your center and eliminate everything and everyone that Read more »


The Mongolian Barbeque Effect on Innovation

There is a new Starbucks in the main hall of the business school where I teach. I stand amazed as baristas call out the customized concoctions like an auctioneer at the Sotheby’s rapidly selling off some priceless artifact of value to only a rarefied few collectors. Surely that Grande half-soy Read more »


It’s Time We Invented a Holodeck

I have always loved living up north but this year winter sucked. The Great Lakes froze over completely for the first time in a century. We had a gazillion days when the thermometer dipped below zero. No not wimpy Celsius zero but badass Fahrenheit zero. We had such a Homeric Read more »


Trying to Create Tomorrow’s Company with Yesterday’s Rules and Tools: Part 3 – Moving from the Old to the New

Last time we explored some of the new innovation methods that are unseating the established conventional approaches that many companies still use. This time we will discuss the dynamics of this transition and the tradeoffs it produces. So how might these new tools of innovation be used and what older Read more »


Trying to Create Tomorrow’s Company with Yesterday’s Rules and Tools: Part 2 – The New Rules and Tools

Last time we explored why Millennials won’t use the old Boomer innovation methods. This time we will discuss some of these new approaches to innovation, their uses and relative value. Of course, the aforementioned are general observations about generational differences and not to be taken as true in all circumstances, Read more »

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Jeff will be giving an Executive Education speech, at the Ross School of Business for National Art Strategies this month.


Jeff’s skills go beyond the work place , now creating videos for the college of engineering. The videos will be used as online e-learning modules that will be available for alumni.


Jeff gave the keynote speech at the Governor’s Economic Summit in Grand Rapids this last Tuesday.

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