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new Inc, article: Culture Creates the Economics of Innovation

Professor Phelps’ raises important issues about the role culture plays in producing economic growth. He espouses that innovation competency is forged in the fiery furnace of experience.

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new LinkedIn article: Assembling Your Innovation Advisory Board

Unlike a board of directors, which is subject to influence by outside financial interestsTh like investors, a board of advisors has no vested interest in your company.

Recruit individuals who have different visions of your company and extensive experience in their fields. This group will be committed solely to developing ideas and sharing and exchanging knowledge.

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new Next Idea podcast: More Arts Education Key to Creating Michigan’s Culture of Innovation

Familiar with STEM? Heard of STEAM? Put the Arts back into core curriculum. The arts require the type of hands-on creativity and problem solving skills that Edmund Phelps, Economics Nobel Laureate,  sees as essential to establishing an innovative culture.

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new LinkedIn article: A Map for Engineering Your Next Innovation

The Innovation Genome shows how anyone can engineer innovation.

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Indie Book: National Indie Excellence Awards Announces 2015 Finalists

Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams, by Jeff DeGraff, is a 2015 National Indie Book Award Finalist.Jeff DeGraff’s Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams is a finalist in the 2015 National Indie Book Awards. Check-out the Business-General category.

Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams is available in a print or an electronic edition at Amazon.com.

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Jeff's Blog Update

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Assembling Your Innovation Advisory Board

A genius is only as great as his brain trust: the circle of mentors and consultants who nurture and enhance his ideas. That all great innovators have great collaborators is no new insight. In 1937, when Napoleon Hill interviewed the richest, most successful men in the world for his wildly Read more »

Businessman with illuminated light bulb concept for idea, innovation and inspiration

A Map for Engineering Your Next Innovation [Infographic]

Innovation is about bringing together individuals with diverse strengths who can push against each other and build something collaboratively that they never would’ve come up with on their own. Innovation happens when there is constructive conflict, or positive tension, within an organization-not total agreement. In my own work strategizing innovation Read more »


When Nobody Wants Your Innovation

What happens when the comfort of the old is preferable to the risk of the new? This is the situation all innovators face when presenting their ideas or inventions to a hesitant public: we’re dissatisfied with the way things are now, but we’re not yet willing to embrace the future. Read more »


The Three Realities of Innovators

How do you build a bridge to a place that doesn’t yet exist? This is the paradoxical challenge that every innovator faces: to envision and reach for the future before it happens. This requires the gift of foresight-a skill that involves seeing emerging opportunities and taking action on those opportunities. Read more »


Before There Were TED Talks, There Were Chautauquas

Before there were TED talks, there were Chautauquas. In the late-nineteenth century, Americans looking for cultural stimulation and intellectual inspiration gathered for weeklong retreats of lectures, performances, and conversations. These outdoor fairs started at Lake Chautauqua in upstate New York and quickly became a national movement. Under the big tents Read more »

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Jeff lead the FedEx Leadership Team through an innovation training workshop, so they can bring innovation to their Divisions.


Jeff delivered a keynote, Leading Innovation, for 100 members of the Zurich Insurance, North America Leadership Team.

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KPMG engaged Jeff to lead a discussion on innovation and disruptive technologies that can harness the growth.

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