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A New Blog Story: Originality is Not All That Original

Just how original is original? Well actually, it’s not really original at all. What we take to be something altogether new may be more the result of our awareness than our special creative abilities. Artists and creative thinkers have been redoing the new forever: reinventing an old form for a new audience.

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A New Blog Story: The False Ambition of Innovation

Innovation needs to be realistic, for it to be attainable and achievable. Like your morning coffee that can kick start you for the day but leave you sluggish and irritable later, overly ambitious innovations can sometime dissipate before ever getting started.

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A New Blog Story: Innovation Now or Later?

The continuous paradox of the ability to achieve something now with immediate output at the expense of waiting to achieve something later with even more remarkable results. Living in a society of constant demand and receive, we forget the importance of time expectations and how this affects our ultimate outcome.

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Jeff's Blog Update


Innovation Starts in Dark Places

There is a dark, untold back story of innovation that may disturb you: many of the earliest forms of the world’s biggest technological advancements were pioneered by bad people in morally corrupt contexts. The most radical innovation in video streaming started in the pornography industry. The most sophisticated uses of Read more »


Originality is Not All That Original

What do William Shakespeare and Led Zeppelin have in common? They both pinched much of their material from artists that came before them. The Bard, who added a few thousand original words to the English language and gave us our most unique phrases, was unabashed in his thievery of complete Read more »

Coffee cup with light bulb idea in the froth concept for ideas,

The False Ambition of Innovation

Booze only brings false courage but coffee incites false ambition, an equally dangerous proposition. You know that to-do list you make at the opening bell that you are certain to conquer by lunch only to find it lingers on well into the wee hours before you finally abandoned it in Read more »

Flowchart on a chalk board with world globe

Innovation Now or Later?

Have you ever had two seemingly unrelated things happen around the same time and each in some way produced an insight into the other? Well it happened to me recently. A bright and ebullient student came to visit me at my innovation lab seeking some career advice for a creative Read more »


Beautiful Innovation Orphans

In the captivating fairy tales of the Hans Christian Andersen or the Brothers Grimm there is often a perfect and pure magical child who is unmercifully mistaken for an ordinary mortal. What ensues is the cathartic story of their trials and torment until they overcome the ordeal and are reveled Read more »

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Jeff will be teaching Executive Education courses to ICBC, the largest bank in China.  ICBC has asked Executive Education to create a six-month learning experience here at Ross for a group of  19 emerging leaders at the bank.


Jeff was a part of the Innovation Forum Panel at this year’s Blue Water Technologies TechExpo 14.  It took place at The Fillmore Detroit, and focused on thought leadership, technology exploration and networking.


We have five graduating Innovatrium Fellows this year. Congratulations, Bill, Wendy, Sabrina, Rohit, and Zach!

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