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New Salon Article: This is the end of marriage, capitalism and God. Finally!

Jeff writes about the social innovation millennials are taking part in and how it’s changing our culture.

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New Inc. Article: Do You Have the Capacity to Innovate

Jeff DeGraff created an infographic that will guide you through making time for the activities that will move you and your company forward.

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New The Next Idea Podcast: Where Do Great Innovations Lie?

True innovations lie in the processes and products behind each shiny new gadgets. Learn how to find them.

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Jeff's Blog Update


How to Make Time to Work on Your Biggest Ideas [Infographic]

If you feel like you’re overworked, overtired and that no matter how much work you do, nothing really changes, you’re in the same boat as most of the world’s workforce. The activities that will move you or your company forward–and out of just constant execution– are time and labor intensive. Read more »


How Breakthrough Ideas Become Mainstream

Breakthrough innovation typically starts at the edges of the bell curve in the challenge of a crisis or the prospect of an outstanding opportunity. This is because the risk of deviating from the standard way of doing things and the reward of taking a chance on something new is reversed Read more »


What the Most Creative Countries in the World Do–and How America Can Learn From Them

At the heart of every major innovation is not just a person or a company but an entire national character. That’s because creative growth–no matter where it happens or who implements it–is a political event. Countries get involved in making innovation happen because they have a stake in its outcome. Read more »


Why Crowdsourcing Has Ruined the Art of Innovation

Are all innovators created equally? The open-source innovation movement wants us to believe that they are, that the more voices we hear and the more ideas we share, the greater our creative potential will be. That’s why populism has emerged as the defining force of post-millennial innovation: organizations value collaboration Read more »

Group of graduates throwing mortar boards in air

The Graduation Speech I Didn’t Give [Infographic]

In the depths of winter, my thoughts often turn to warm visions of summer: barbeques, the beach, and graduations. As we run up to the New Year, I share a little commencement advice to those who hope to graduate or at least advance a grade in the curriculum of life:

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Jeff spoke at Little Ceasars’ Innovation Summit at Motor City Casino in Detroit.


Jeff encouraged innovation in the Detroit art and culture space at the Culture Source meeting this week.


Jeff gave a Keynote to the leaders at ProMedica, who are putting together an Innovation game plan.

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