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A New Blog Story: Innovation: Making the Unknown Known

Innovators understand that the unknown doesn’t have to remain unknown, but they need to be prudent about which bridges they cross for these will determine where and when they will arrive in the future and if their innovations are timely and valuable.

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A New Blog Story: Innovation Starts in Dark Places

Innovation often happens at the crossroads of extremities and chaos , where there is no direction but up and the risks and rewards lie in high deviance edges. Some of the best innovations in history came from these places; although, not necessarily from good people.

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A New Blog Story: Originality is Not All That Original

Just how original is original? Well actually, it’s not really original at all. What we take to be something altogether new may be more the result of our awareness than our special creative abilities. Artists and creative thinkers have been redoing the new forever: reinventing an old form for a new audience.

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Jeff's Blog Update

Tug of War

How to Turn Conflict Into Creativity

Two talented people who have nothing in common are more likely to create something exciting than two talented people who think the same way. Harmony is overrated. Innovation is about bringing together individuals with diverse strengths who can push against each other and build something collaboratively that they never would’ve Read more »


Jeff DeGraff Interview on The JetSetter Show

Jason Hartman sits down and talks with Jeff DeGraff, professor for the University of Michigan’s Ross Business school and an expert in innovation. He has a new book coming out called, Making Stone Soup: How to Jumpstart Innovation Teams and has helped grow world leading corporations such as American Airlines, Read more »

Young businessman thinking over the ideas. Creativity concept

How to Create Better Ideas Faster

The four F’s of effective brainstorming. Have you ever tried to get your team to brainstorm a breakthrough idea for a product or service only to find the process mostly yields extensions of existing ideas? Research on creative thinking gives us these four simple suggestions that will greatly aid in Read more »

Concept Vector Icon Of Abstract Brain Or Mind With Cogwheels

What is Innovation?

When asked to define the legal definition for obscenity, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously quipped “I know it when I see it.” For most of us the same applies to a working definition for innovation. We have a general sense of what it is but we know that under Read more »

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Empowering Innovation with Jeff DeGraff

Did you know that innovation is the only value proposition with a shelf life? And with the commoditization of most linear processes and technologies, innovation is essential to stay competitive in our volatile, global economy. However, unlike many business processes that can be strategized and managed, innovation must be encouraged, Read more »

Latest Work


Jeff will be teaching Executive Education courses to ICBC, the largest bank in China.  ICBC has asked Executive Education to create a six-month learning experience here at Ross for a group of  19 emerging leaders at the bank.


Jeff was a part of the Innovation Forum Panel at this year’s Blue Water Technologies TechExpo 14.  It took place at The Fillmore Detroit, and focused on thought leadership, technology exploration and networking.


We have five graduating Innovatrium Fellows this year. Congratulations, Bill, Wendy, Sabrina, Rohit, and Zach!

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