Certified Professional Innovator

Certified Professional Innovator (CPI) program is designed to develop highly practiced innovation leaders through a customized and scalable online component in combination with a rapid and intense action-learning program. The aim of the program is to embed the innovators’ mindset and instill the skill base necessary to manage breakthrough innovation-focused projects, people, and ventures, through real innovation projects and solutions.

Certified by the University of Michigan College of Engineering or Ross School of Business, this program consists of the following components:

• Innovation Leadership Assessment

• 14 instructional videos and self-paced modules about the fundamental innovation principles, method, and process.

A CPI workbook for the 14 video modules

• A two-day jumpstart boot camp where participants craft their innovation challenge and create an action plan to develop a solution.

• Bi-weekly group coaching and teleconference for 90 days after the boot camp to build on momentum, keep participants focused and projects moving along, and help participants develop a proof of concept / prototype.

• Project review teleconference where participants present a venture capital committee style short pitch summarizing their innovation project, its progress, key insights and future plans.

Watch an overview video here.

Click here for a short CPI brochure.

Click here to download a more detailed CPI program description.

Visit the University of Michigan CPI website.

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