Outfitting Your Tackle Box

Prudential Real Estate was a casualty of the recent great recession.  While the new CEO believed the enterprise had exceptional talent, the organization was stuck in the traditional way of executing the business. The problem is, business was drying up. The regular types of fish were already overfished and the new types of fish were not taking the bait. The company’s way of getting and servicing customers were not in line with what the new generation of home buyers want and need. Jeff and his team came to help the company re-invent themselves and their products, services, and solutions. Due to the collaboration, Prudential Real Estate started to offer services that were more aligned with the changing demographics of its customers and sped up its delivery process.

Watch the video below of  Jim Mallozzi, the former CEO of Prudential Real Estate, discussing how Jeff and his team has helped him redefine the organization.

Jim Mallozzi on Jeff DeGraff   Competing Values - YouTube

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