Congratulations! It’s a Merger!

What happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force? Well, sometimes nothing; sometimes something great! The story goes like this. Jeff was brought in by a highly regarded medical school to see if he could assist in cutting down the time it took between performing a surgery and discharging the patient. At the time, open heart surgery patients had an in- house recovery time of about 18 days before being discharged, and this lengthy period of time was eating up money, space, and causing a great deal of stress for doctors, patients and families.

The first thing Jeff asked was that he be provided with a medical expert considering that he had no medical training. The school obliged by providing Jeff with one of the most well respected and knowledgeable individuals in the field. The pair began tackling the problem by looking at other medical institutions that already had a shorter period of time between surgery and discharge. They looked at foreign and domestic institutions and studied what made them successful. The pair came back ready to make changes and begin taking multiple shots on goal until they scored.

While Jeff and his partner were solving this problem, they realized a different, but pressing one. It turns out that the medical institution that they were working with, while being highly regarded, was a pretty small fish in the pond it called home. Its size meant that it had little negotiating power in the medical community it was built in. Without that negotiating power, they would lose a considerable amount of money and have a great deal of trouble standing on their own as health care costs continue to rise. After extensive research and analysis, Jeff and his partner then had an idea to pair this institution with one of the largest medical centers in the United States. Each side had a unique competitive advantage that the other did not and combining the two was sure to create a very powerful medical empire in the United States’ most powerful city.

Things were moving along with this merger; Jeff and his partner had succeeded in getting all of the doctors to work together (not the easiest of feats) and they managed to successfully decrease the time of in-house major surgery recovery from 18 days to 8 while sustaining the highest level of care. In addition, the competition between the institutions caused healthcare benefits to increase around the city. The merger created a medical giant made up of the best doctors, educators and facilities money can buy.

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