Music Makes the World Go Round

Long standing and world renowned, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) for years has been experiencing a sharp decline in revenues. Yes, Michigan was hit harder than most states during the great recession and the its population moved to other states to seek meaningful employment. Did this have a sharp impact on DSO attendance and revenues? Yes, absolutely! But that was only part of the story. Other great symphony orchestras across the globe are also experiencing the same revenue downfall, some more than others.

Technology has been changing the delivery of musical content. The music hall is becoming somewhat irrelevant and patrons of the arts no longer need go to the music hall to achieve the symphony experience. Likewise, arts patrons are looking to connect more collaboratively with artists and on their own time. The old patrons who gave large endowments to the institutions constitute a smaller and smaller part of the potential customer pie. The current potential customers pool reveal a much younger, diverse, and technology savvy groups, who want a different type of musical experience: customized, in their own time, and accessible.

The DSO needed to innovate new solutions to attract these new customer groups and create meaningful experiences for them. DSO leadership worked with Jeff and spent the day at the Innovatrium to jumpstart creative ideas that they can implement. Based on this experience, DSO has taken creative steps to bring the music in unexpected places such as IKEA.

Click on the video below to see how Jeff and his team worked with DSO to create potential solutions.

Jumpstarting Innovation - YouTube (1)

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