Opportunity at the Base of the Pyramid

Thomson Reuters (TR) is a large, diverse company that has consistently been “opening up a world of information for our customers.”  One of TR’s innovation leaders, who had been trained by Jeff, was tapped to develop new information products for the emerging Indian market and its rapidly growing economy, vast population, and increasing technological sophistication.  As he got to know the country, he realized that the vast majority of small business owners did not have the money to buy existing TR products nor a laptop computer, the delivery mechanism of TR products. But, he soon realized he could make a new product by breaking off a little piece of the existing product, Reuters Market. He could sell only those pieces of information of use to the business owners and deliver it on a platform that they did use…cell phones. The product, Reuters Market Light, proved extremely valuable to Indian business owners and news of the product spread rapidly. Reuters Market Light was a success made possible by the new understanding of how the information game had to be played in India through creativizing a new solution and experimenting along the way.

Watch Tom Glocer, the former CEO of Thomson Reuters, discuss the company’s commitment to developing creative leaders  by clicking the video below.


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