Apples and Oranges

“Enlist diverse experts,” Jeff’s second principle of innovation, was crucial in this story. We all know that over time things change, technology increases, trends fluctuate and the coming generation’s wants and interests vary greatly from the one before. Not too long ago there was a very large shift in the way that people watch television; many (starting with the younger generation) now watch by paying a fee to an internet media provider. Therefore, it was not surprising that a local news network was having trouble keeping their numbers up; so they called Jeff.

What Jeff found was a room full of talented writers and news casters, professionals with extensive credentials who truly cared about the news and bringing it to the masses. The problem lied in the fact that they were all re-try things they had already done for years that had not worked, and they were exceptionally traditional and stubborn about changing their approach. Jeff knew that to find an answer to their problem they would need to hire a completely different kind of expert: a young, creative and non-traditional expert. Finally giving in, the network hired a young man who had previously worked for one of the most famous internet providers in the world. He, in turn, hired his own team, and in the most unconventional way possible rented a warehouse which he covered in black paper to keep all prying eyes out.

Three weeks later this team emerged with a new product; we will call this product “Orange.” Orange was a brand-new internet media provider that was free to the public, connected to social networking sights, and only contained thirty second commercials. Orange offered many shows, but primarily focused on the shows that could be found on the network they were created by. Shortly after its release it was quickly bought by the national network and is now offered in two forms: its original (free) and in a subscription form (premium) that includes full seasons of shows and movies. Orange almost single-handedly saved this network and is now one of the two most frequently used internet media providers in the country, showing that sometime stepping out of a business’s comfort zone can yield amazing results.

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