Leading Innovation and Growth

Change and growth must happen with you in the center. Jeff and his team will work with your organization to develop your own unique training programs and innovation processes. The projects that you will partake in are customized to your organization’s specific needs. With each project, you will learn to analyze what processes and habits work for you, and which ones do not. Jeff and his team facilitate opportunities for your organization to innovate creative solutions that match up with your specific culture, and help you create your own way of innovating.


Participating in LIG will help you achieve sustainable growth through a curriculum that consists of three components. In phase one, you will assess the organizational culture and participate in a leadership summit to develop a shared vision, an innovation strategy, and establish a common language around innovation.

In the second phase, you develop an elite group of highly practiced innovation leaders–“innovation black belts”–to launch innovation projects that aim to become solutions to your current organizational challenges.

In the final phase, you will work to create the blueprint for innovation practices inside the organization. You will leave the program with a concrete plan to become the driving force behind creating sustainable growth for your organization.

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