Innovation Genome

The Innovation Genome 1-day program teaches you how to think about growth within yourself and your organization. You will learn about the four different methods of innovation—Create, Control, Collaborate, and Compete—and the pros and cons of each. Every person and organization has a dominant logic that determines the way they see the world and approach innovation. During the Innovation Genome program, you will identify your dominant logic, develop your strengths, and understand your weaknesses. This program will teach you how the four kinds of innovation work together and, as a whole, create an organic system of growth.

In this program you will learn the following things:
  1. The four different methods of innovation
  2. The pros and cons to each method
  3. Your dominant logic or method of innovation
  4. How to work with people who have a different innovation method than you
  5. How constructive conflict works and why it is important
  6. How to run meaningful and multiple experiments
  7. The developmental process in which organizations grow
  8. The innovation sequence through the 4 methods


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