You cannot reach the place you want to be until you fully understand the place where you are now. This is exactly what our analytical assessments offer you: a deep understanding of your current situation so that you can identify and move toward your growth targets. Available for both organizations and for individuals, our assessments measure the various forces at work in your firm or your life. The results of this analysis will give you a roadmap to achieving change and sustaining an innovative environment.

Organizational Assessment

At the organizational level, our assessment combines a quantitative survey with a qualitative interview. The survey specifically measures purposes (the desired outcomes of your organization), practices (the current organizational culture and competencies, including management and leadership style), and people (individual leadership style).

We then conduct interviews with a cross-section sample of your organization. The results from the survey combined with the results of the interview form our “Case for Innovation Report”—a report that will show you how to bring the skills of your leaders, as well as the cultural practices of your organization, into alignment with your business goals. The report will also identify specific opportunities for innovation and future growth.



You can further supplement this report with an index analysis that ranks your organization within your industry and, in doing so, benchmarks the innovation and growth variables for your own company against those of your competition. The index analysis also assigns concrete values to various aspects of your culture. In this way, you can predict how particular changes in your organization’s behavior will affect your financial performance. Click here to learn more about the Innovation Index.



Individual Assessment

 At the individual level, we will provide you with an accurate measure of the beliefs and behavior in yourself and your community. This serves as a map to show you how you fit into what’s going on in the world. The idea is that while you have the power to make your own decisions, those decisions affect the lives of people around you. Conversely, the actions of others and the forces of in the universe highly influence the opportunities and challenges you face. The assessment is a guide to recognize those opportunities and challenges and to develop an effective and sustainable innovation approach for you.


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