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book Creativity at Work

Decipher Your Creativity Genome

Creativity looks different to everyone. Many people see a certain person, hobby or job when they think about the word ‘create’, and often these mindsets hinder the actual act of creating. Jeff DeGraff and Katherine Lawrence’s book Creativity at Work uses the Competing Values Framework to help you create your own creativity map and in doing so, change your definition of creativity. The authors remind us that not all creativity has to produce a completely new product and that it is often most useful in other ways.

The way Jeff and Katherine go about this is by asking you to “match your creative practices to your purposes;” essentially looking at what you need to accomplish and how you use the way you and your company create naturally to get there. In effect they help you create a road map to reach your creative destination. Unlike other books on creativity that are often too conceptual, the authors make sure to provide succinct steps for creativity that will yield real results that suit your personal creative tendencies.

Full of true stories and anecdotes, company profiles, innovation strategies and the Competing Values Framework, Jeff and Katherine are able to help you redefine creativity to see positive results by simply using the work profile you already have.


“Creativity at Work challenges the assumption that creativity is a random act of inspiration. The practices, profiles and tools provide insight for individuals and organizations alike to chart their own course to a more creative future.”

– Mark E. Jones, Director, Leadership and Workforce Development, Pfizer Global Research and Development

“Here, at last, is a legible roadmap for the innovation journey. This is the book that can lead managers and executives to the spot marked, ‘You are here,’ as well as provide solid tools and practical advice for moving forward.”

– Michael Thompson, Chair, Department of Organizational Leadership and Strategy, Marriott School, Brigham Young University

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