Competing Values Leadership

book Competing Values Leadership

Creating a Toolkit for Solving Company Problems

The best models for change are simple to understand, incite growth, and get noticeable results. Named as one of the 40 most important management models by Financial Times, The Competing Values Framework (CVF) has been studied and implemented in organizations for over 25 years. Its success speaks for itself. Currently, hundreds of organizations worldwide use CVF as a sense-making device, a source of new ideas and a learning system. The most notable quality of the framework is its ability to create sustainable results by changing the mindset of how a company works together.

What makes the framework unique from so many others is its flexibility, range of use and scalability.  It reminds us that people and organizations are different and provides a method to understand the diversity. It helps in creating more effective teams and productive work environments, by recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of every individual. But much more than a  personality test,  CVF can be applied to measure the culture of an organization, to manage and develop a culture change, and even to make profitable investments.

The Competing Values Leadership book explains how to use CVF to enhance your leadership skills, create the right practices for an effective workplace, and to develop the needed skills,competency, and learning mechanism in the organization. The book shows you that by adopting CVF, you are really creating a toolkit for solving company problems and creating the best possible environments for growth in the market.


“I recommend this book to anyone wishing to understand and practice leadership. I have followed the development and testing of the Competing Values Framework over the years.  It makes important contributions to both theory and practice.”

– Andrew H. Van de Ven, Heath Professor of Organizational Innovation and Change, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

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